Tacoma, WA

Wedged somewhere between pop punk and indie rock, Midnight Movie's original sound comes with a twinge of nostalgia... the sort of band you'd discover on a burned CD from a friend. But the good news is, they haven't broken up. (Yet.)

When Midnight Movie takes the stage they fill room with infectious hooks, harmonies, and a driving beat guaranteed not to piss off the person you dragged to another goddamn local show.



RIYL: Jeff Rosenstock, Motion City Soundtrack, Pup, Jimmy Eat World, Modern Baseball

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"It’s true that Midnight Movie are a much needed injection of youth and energy to Seattle Pop Punk, but they are much much more.

Does it make sense to say classic 80’s pop mixed with 90’s slacker ambience, executed by 21st century pop punks who somehow manage to escape the pop punk tropes we all know?

Their dedication to singalongable vocal hooks hooks hooks and lyrical relatability is something that makes me question and review my own little rhymes… I’d like to be this good some day. Plus, they have a song about Purdy, WA, which was founded by Reba’s ancestor, and that’s PNW as hell!"

- Ean (the Subjunctives / Seattle Pop Punk Fest)

"This is one of those bands that definitely gets in your ear and you listen to it over and over and over."

- Second Player Speaks Podcast (Ep. 118)


Live Performances


Tacoma pop-punk band MIDNIGHT MOVIE began in 2018, when Evan failed to convince the bandmates of his hardcore project PHOTON PHARAOH to try some lighter fare with a handful of new songs that eventually became Midnight Movie's first EP, "Home by Nine."

Spun-off as a side project with Photon Pharaoh drummer, Aaron, and their pal Colin - Midnight Movie became a regular sight on the stage of many of Seattle's favorite dive bars including The Kraken, The Lo-Fi, and The Victory Lounge.

HOME BY NINE was recorded in 2019 at Decade Sound Studios (Tacoma, WA) with Ahren Lanfor engineering.

Their second release, COOL ROCK AND ROLL PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG was recorded in 2021 at Alma Mater (Tacoma, WA) with Dylan Hanwright engineering.

Themes of regret, disaffection, and restlessness are buoyed by hooks and harmonies that almost make you forget how absolutely godawful it is to go to work everyday. And the band's high-energy performances make it totally worth staying out past 9, anytime.


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